Discount Store Solution vs. Applying Touch Up Paint: What's the Difference?

Some vehicles have fantastic paint jobs, but sooner or later you get a scratch in the parking lot, or bugs and gravel hitting your paint job at high speed will take a toll on the looks of your vehicle. You know that your vehicle's paint job needs to be fixed before rust sets in and causes serious damage; it's important to understand what your options are if you have scratches.

Depending on what kind of budget you have available when something happens to your car’s paint job, you'll have a few opportunities to consider. The question that most car owners ask themselves is – "Should I buy some nail polish at the discount store and cover the scratches or should I apply touch up paint myself or have a professional do it?"

First, covering deep scratches with same color nail polish from the discount store is only an inexpensive and temporary solution until you can invest a bit of money in your vehicle and fix it the right way. If you buy touch up paint for your car, you should clean and dry the surfaces before painting. It is important to not use too much or too little paint for the best results.

Are you still in doubt about what to do with that scratch on your vehicle? If so, drop by our service center at Audi Pensacola. At our Audi service location, our team will be glad to assist you with the right tone and color match for your vehicle.



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