Understanding Your Vehicle's Alternator

The alternator in your vehicle is responsible for charging your battery. At Audi Pensacola, we want you to understand the signs to look for when your alternator is beginning to fail. If you don't get your car repaired and the alternator is failing, you can end up without power unexpectedly.

If your alternator isn't working properly, your battery can't charge effectively while you are driving down the road. You may notice that your battery dies easily or that your headlights aren't as bright as usual. Your car also contains a warning light for the alternator ALT or GEN, which usually goes on if your alternator is not working properly.

When you notice signs that your vehicle isn't running well, it's time to visit our service center at Audi Pensacola to see how we can help you. Our service team will take a careful look at your vehicle and replace the alternator if necessary.



Categories: Service
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