Audi S3 Sedan is a Safe and Reliable Vehicle

Are you looking for a safe and reliable sports car? Look no further than the Audi S3 Sedan at Audi Pensacola. The Audi comes standard with an advanced automatic braking system which includes 13.4 inch ventilated disc front brakes and 12.2 inch ventilated disc rear brakes. Your Audi can also be customized to include brake assistance for navigating difficult stop and go traffic.

New Audi S3 models come with a four year/ 50,000-mile limited warranty and a 12 month/ 10,000-mile maintenance package, so you can be confident in the investment in quality you have made. The powerful, four-cylinder, 292 horsepower engine with turbocharged induction tops out at 155 miles per hour, meaning you will never have to sacrifice speed for safety in an Audi S3.

Head over to Audi Pensacola today and speak with one of our vehicle experts about choosing the right safe and reliable sports car for you.



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