Learning the Correct Way on How to Jump Start Another Car

Today we discuss the right way to jump-start a vehicle that has a dead battery. In order to jump-start the car, you'll need to get the two vehicles together as close as you safely can so the engines are almost touching. Turn off the car, then be certain both of the vehicles are in park before opening the hoods.

Locate the negative and positive terminals of each battery; the positive should be slightly wider. The jumper cables will be coded black for negative and red for positive.

  1. Red connects to the positive on the dead battery.
  2. The other red connects to the positive on good battery.
  3. Black goes negative on the good battery.
  4. Black attaches to metal on the car to be jumped.

Crank over both cars, then remove cables in opposite order. Don't let battery issues leave you stuck on the side of the road. Visit our Audi repair center in Pensacola, FL and we will load-test the battery in your car or replace if needed.

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