Move Over Laws are for Everyone’s Protection

All fifty states have adopted move over laws on their roadways, and that includes us here in Pensacola, FL. Every driver needs to slow down and safely move to the other lane when there is a person on the side of the road.

Obeying these laws creates a safety zone between the person or people on the roadside and moving traffic. If it is a one lane road or the driver cannot safely move to the other lane, then one should move over to the left as far as safely possible and slow the vehicle down.

Every year about 200 people are injured or killed in this type of accident. Emergency vehicles traveling with their lights on are another reason for moving over or pulling over. We here at Audi Pensacola support our emergency services workers. Please allow them to pass safely when driving. Road worker safety in Pensacola is also very important. Drivers, please slow down, pay extra attention in construction zones, and observe the move over laws.

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